Site Rules at Callisham Cross

Campsite Rules


*      Cars only to be driven across field for initial unloading and final loading (weather dependent)


*      Cars should be parked inside field to the left of the gate (when looking in) during camp


*      NO access into the woods for any reason, (imposed on us by the Forestry Commission)


*      Toilets and sheds to be swilled out and bins emptied (not in cesspit) and locked before leaving


*      All wood to be returned to the wood piles and not left around the site or in hedges


*      Fire pits & wet pits, MUST! be dug if lighting ground fires, but the turf MUST! be replaced

and stomped down at the end of camp, insure they are clear of any waste before filling in


*      NO access into the woods for any reason (imposed on us by the Forestry Commission)


*      Please take all rubbish home or burn what you can, please do not put in cess pit.

 *     Do not burn or cut pioneering poles.

 *      If using grass sledges return them as they were given to you.

 *     Any risk assessments are your responsibility for any activity (including grass sledging) or camping

 *     Please inform us of any breakages/damage

 Groups will be charged for any unreasonable damage or untidiness 

found after departure, please leave as you find!





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